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Introduction to Vascular Scanning

A Guide for the Complete Beginner
4th Edition

Introduction to Vascular Scanning

Donald P. Ridgway, RVT
CME Credits: 18
ISBN: 9780941022835
Format: Softcover
Catalog No: 11057
Price: $79.95
Winner of the IBPA Benjamin Franklin Silver Award for excellence in book editorial and design!
This revised and updated 4th Edition of Don Ridgway’s unabashedly practical and famously unique how-to guide to vascular scanning will astound and delight both beginners and veterans who are cross-training in vascular ultrasound. Like previous editions, this one contains all of the features that have made this book so popular and useful.

Additional highlights that have endeared Don Ridgway to thousands of readers, propelling his how-to-scan guide up the ratings chart at Amazon.com:

How to scan all of the vascular systems

The Other Vascular Diagnostic Modalities

Those Darn Doppler Angles

The Important and Somewhat Tricky Bifurcation Maneuver

Seven Tips toward Good Probemanship

Getting Stuck: A Word about the Flop Sweats

In this first all-color edition, the emphasis is on showing, not just telling: You will find dozens of new full-color technical and anatomic illustrations; 150+ duplex scans, color flow images, and Doppler waveforms; and scores of schematics, cross-sections, ultrasound images, and photographs—more than 700 illustrations in all. As praise for the previous editions suggests, you won’t find anything else like this guide for the relative novice: extremely reader-friendly, lavishly illustrated, and focused squarely on the real-world skill-building needs of both budding vascular sonographers and seasoned veterans.

As a welcome bonus, the SDMS-approved 18-credit CME quiz at the end of the book can be combined with any of Davies’ other 12-credit CME activities to help busy sonographers meet their ARDMS triennium requirements in two easy steps.
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Preface to the Fourth Edition
SECTION 1  Before You Scan
  Chapter 1  Introduction
    Learn What to Expect on the Screen
    Find a Coach
    Use This Book
    Develop Your Clinical Sense
    And Finally...
  Chapter 2  Basic Terminology, Jargon, and Buzzwords
    Scan Planes
    Body Orientations
    Scanning Terminology
    Jargon and Buzzwords
    Talking to Patients
  Chapter 3  Anatomy Review
    Exercise 1: Vessels and Their Locations
    Exercise 2: Vessels and Their Landmarks
    Exercise 3: Cross-Sectional Anatomy and Image Appearance
  Chapter 4  Instrumentation
    The Patient
    Scanner Controls
    Knobology by Task
    Documentation Systems
    The Reading Physician
    The Referring Physician
  Chapter 5  The Common Studies
    Carotid Studies
    Venous Studies
    Lower Extremity Arterial Studies
    Abdominal Doppler
  Chapter 6  Probe-Holding, Positioning, and Ergonomics
    The Hand
    The Arm
    The Neck and Shoulders
    Practice: It's about Those Neural Pathways
    Position Relative to the Patient for Carotid Studies
    Terrible Things to Do with (and to) Your Body While Scanning
    Some Exercises for Avoiding MSI
    While We're at It: The Back
    The Four Probe Movements
  Chapter 7  Carotid Scanning
    Transverse Scanning
    Moving to Longitudinal
    Scanning Approaches
    Gain and Other Controls
    Getting Stuck: A Word about the Flop Sweats
    Carotid Scanning Exercises
    Suggested Sequence of Image Stores for Generic Carotid Study
  Chapter 8  Lower Extremity Venous Scanning
    Anatomy Review
    Femoral Vein Scanning
    Popliteal and Calf-Vein Imaging
    Saphenous Vein Scanning
    Venous Doppler
    Real-World Tips
    Reflux Scanning
    Supplemental Lower Extremity Vein Anatomy
    Venous Scanning Exercises
    Suggested Sequence of Image Stores for Generic DVT Study
  Chapter 9  Lower Extremity Arterial Scanning
    Positioning the Patient, Choosing a Transducer
    Femoral Imaging
    Femoral Doppler
    Popliteal and Calf Arteries
    Lower Extremity Arterial Exercises
    Suggested Sequence of Image Stores for Generic Lower Extremity
      Arterial Study
  Chapter 10  Upper Extremity Scanning
    Anatomy Review
    Which Probes?
    Patient Position
    Scanning the Arm
    Moving into the Forearm
    Superficial Veins
    Upper Extremity Arteries
    Proximal Veins
    Doppler of the Proximal Veins
    Suggested Sequence of Image Stores for Generic Upper Extremity
      Venous Study
  Chapter 11  Abdominal Doppler
    Anatomy Review
    Patient Position and Your Position
    Aortic Scan and Doppler Evaluation
    Portal/Hepatic Duplex
    The Learning Curve
    Suggested Sequence of Image Stores for Generic Abdominal Study
  Chapter 12  Color Flow Scanning
    Basic Principles
    Types of Controls
    Before You Image in Color
    Carotid Studies
    Venous Studies
    Lower Extremity Arterial Studies
    Abdominal Doppler Studies
    Color Conundrums
  Chapter 13  Transcranial Doppler and Transcranial Imaging
    Reasons to Perform
    Acoustic Windows
  Chapter 14  A Doppler Miscellany
    The Doppler Principle and Equation
    Those Darn Doppler Angles
    Exercise 1: Eyeball the Angle
    Exercise 2: Beam-Angle Problems (Linear Probe)
    Exercise 3: Beam-Angle Problems (Sector Probe)
    Exercise 4: Color Flow Angle Problems
  Chapter 15  Sample Protocols and Narrations
    Sample Protocols
    Sample Narrations
  Chapter 16  Other Vascular Diagnostic Modalities
    Doppler Instruments
    Photoplethysmography (PPG)
    Venous Outflow Plethysmography (IPG, SPG, Air-Cuff)
    Arterial Plethysmography
    Transcutaneous Partial Pressure of Oxygen Measurement (TcPO2)
    Ocular Plethysmography (OPG)
    Periorbital Doppler (POD)
  Chapter 17  Recommended Reading and Other Resources
    Vascular Books, CD-ROMs, and DVDs from Davies Publishing
    Other Vascular Diagnostic Textbooks
    Physics Books
    Short Courses
    And a Few Books I Think Everyone Ought to Have
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Readers' Comments

“Good coverage of the scope of vascular imaging. Very engaging text and I enjoyed reading it. Can't beat the CMEs!”—Nancy Johnson, RDMS, RVT

“The discussions of the hands-on scanning techniques was what I liked best about this book. Most physician-based RPVI-type texts skip this.”—Matthew George, MD

“Up-to-date! Excellent guide, textbook, and reference! Written in a manner that makes it easy to understand and remember. A must have for anyone interested in vascular sonography.”
—Tatiana Shamrow, RDMS, RVT

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Reviewers' Comments

“A teacher and communicator par excellence, Ridgway uses a style that is both engaging and stress-reducing. This 'how-to' manual delivers what it promises.”—Ultrasound in Medicine & Biology Review

“Excellent . . . A much-needed addition to the literature. The reader will not be disappointed.”—Archives of Surgery

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