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Gray's Anatomy

The Anatomical Basis of Clinical Practice
40th Edition

Gray's Anatomy

Susan Standring, PhD, DSc
ISBN: 9780443066849
Format: Hardcover
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A universal landmark in medicine ever since Drs. Henry Gray and H.V. Carter published the first edition in 1858, Gray's Anatomy now celebrates its 150th anniversary! From state-of-the-art coverage of important new areas such as functional neuroimaging, embryogenesis, and biomechanics . . . through a comprehensively revamped, lavish full-color art program . . . as well as convenient access to the complete contents online, with downloadable illustrations, this 40th Edition sets a new world standard for accuracy, clarity, and clinical relevance. It is THE place to turn when you want to be sure about the anatomical considerations that pertain to safe and effective practice. You'll find it an invaluable clinical resource, a pleasure to consult, and a reference any RT, ARDMS, and CCI technologist will find indispensable. Churchill Livingstone. 2,000+ illustrations. 1,576 pp.

In This Edition:

Meticulously enhanced and updated artwork throughout - with 2,000
     images now in full color - provide a more consistent, coherent view
     of every anatomical detail, providing practitioners across all
     specialties with the best, most clinically helpful visual understanding      available.

200 completely new radiologic, CT, MR, and other imaging studies
     vividly capture anatomy as it is primarily seen by physicians.

Significantly expanded clinical discussions emphasize
     considerations that may affect medical care.

Online access via Expert Consult allows you to reference the book's
     complete contents from any computer, fully searchable, and
     download thousands of detailed anatomical illustrations.

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Contributors and reviewers


Bibliography of selected titles

An historical introduction to Gray's Anatomy Ruth Richardson

Anatomical nomenclature


Section Editor: Caroline Wigley

With specialist contributions by Michael A Adams (chapter 5), Sue M Black (5), Patricia Dolan (5), William C Earnshaw (1), Paul A Felts (3), Andrew JT George (4), Jonathan C Kentish (6), W Niall A Kirkpatrick (7), Mary-Clare C Miller (7), Jagdeep Nanchahal (7), Terence A Partridge (5), Jeremy PT Ward (6)

Reviewers: Robert F Brooks (chapter 2), E Birgitte Lane (7), Roger J Morris (1)

New images supplied by Peter A Helliwell (chapters 2–7), Joe Mathew (2–7) Bart Wagner (1–7)
1 Basic structure and function of cells
2 Integrating cells into tissues
3 Nervous system
4 Blood, lymphoid tissues and haemopoiesis
5 Functional anatomy of the musculoskeletal system
6 Smooth muscle and the cardiovascular and lymphatic systems
7 Skin and its appendages


Section Editor: Patricia Collins

With specialist contributions by Peter R Braude (chapters 8, 11), Eric Jauniaux (9)

8 Preimplantation development
9 Implantation and placentation
10 Cell populations at gastrulation
11 Embryonic induction and cell division 
12 Cell populations at the start of organogenesis
13 Early embryonic circulation
14 Pre- and postnatal development


Section Editor: Alan R Crossman 

Embryology, Growth and Development Editor: Patricia Collins

With specialist contributions by Anthony Graham (chapter 24), Paul D Griffiths (17), Alan Jackson (16), Andres Lozano (21), Zoltan Molnár (24), David Neary (18–20, 23), Ronan O’Rahilly (24)
Reviewers: Tipu Aziz (chapter 22), Roy Weller (16)

15 Overview of the nervous system
16 Ventricular system and subarachnoid space
17 Vascular supply of the brain
18 Spinal cord: internal organization
19 Brain stem
20 Cerebellum
21 Diencephalon
22 Basal ganglia
23 Cerebral hemisphere 
24 Development of the nervous system

Section 4 – HEAD AND NECK

Section Editor: Susan Standring

Embryology, Growth and Development Editor: Patricia Collins

Microstructure Editor: Caroline Wigley

With specialist contributions by Sue M Black (chapter 26), Ronald H Douglas (39, 40), Justin A Durham (30), David Furness (37), Michael Gleeson (36), Carole M Hackney (37), Bruce Jafek (32), Aadil A Khann (28), John G Lawrenson (39, 40), Stephen McHanwell (33, 34), Michael Monteiro (25, 28, 29), Gillian M Morriss-Kay (35), Ronan O’Rahilly (35), Hannes Petersen (38), Donald J Reid (30), Patricia Reynolds (31), Paul D Robinson (31), Jane Sowden (41), Ming Zhang (28), and including a number of figures based on an extensive ophthalmological collection by the late Gordon Ruskell (39,40)
Reviewers: Mike Gleeson (chapters 27, 37, 38), Nick Jones (32), Jaideep Pandit (28)

25 Head and neck: overview and surface anatomy

Head and neck

26 External skull
27 Intracranial region
28 Neck
29 Face and scalp

Upper aerodigestive tract

30 Oral cavity
31 Infratemporal and pterygopalatine fossae and temporomandibular joint 
32 Nose, nasal cavity and paranasal sinuses 
33 Pharynx
34 Larynx
35 Development of the head and neck 

Special senses 

36 External and middle ear
37 Inner ear
38 Development of the ear
39 The orbit and accessory visual apparatus
40 The eye
41 Development of the eye

Section 5 – THE BACK

Section Editor: Richard LM Newell

Embryology, Growth and Development Editor: Patricia Collins

With specialist contributions by Nikolai Bogduk (chapters 42, 43), Bodo EA Christ (44)

42 The back
43 Spinal cord and spinal nerves: gross anatomy
44 Development of the back 


Section Editor: David Johnson

Embryology, Growth and Development Editor: Patricia Collins

With specialist contributions by David M Evans (chapter 50), Cheryll Tickle (51, 52), Graham Tytherleigh-Strong (46–49)

45 Pectoral girdle and upper limb: overview and surface anatomy
46 Pectoral girdle, shoulder region and axilla
47 Upper arm
48 Elbow
49 Forearm
50 Wrist and hand
51 Development of the limbs
52 Development of the pectoral girdle and upper limb

Section 7 – THORAX

Section Editor: Michael Gatzoulis

Embryology, Growth and Development Editor: Patricia Collins

Microstructure Editor: Caroline Wigley (see QUERIES below)?

With specialist contributions by Andrew Bush (chapter 59), Robert Anderson (59), Gerald PH Gui (54), Antoon FM Moorman (59), Simon Padley (55–57), Pallav L Shah (55, 57, 58), Jonathan Spratt (55),
Reviewers John Granton (chapter 57), Peter Goldstraw (55, 57), Siew Yen Ho (59), Mark Johnson (54), Andrew G Nicholson (59), Koichiro Niwa (56), John Pepper (56), Michael I Polkey (58), Darryl Shore (56), Eleftherios Tsiridis (54), Anselm Uebing (53), Hideki Uemura (53), Gary D Webb (56)

53 Thorax: overview and surface anatomy
54 Chest wall and breast

Heart and mediastinum

55 Mediastinum
56 Heart and great vessels

Lungs and diaphragm

57 Pleura, lungs, trachea and bronchi 
58 Diaphragm and phrenic nerve
59 Development of the thorax


Section Editors: Neil R Borley (chapters 60–73)
Jeremiah C Healy (chapters 74–78)

Embryology, Growth and Development Editor: Patricia Collins

Microstructure Editor: Caroline Wigley
With specialist contributions by Jonathan L Brown (65, 66, 67), Declan JP Cahill (chapter 75), Aashish Chandra (74, 75), Alfred Cutner (77), Catriona Davies (74–77), Alex Freeman (76), Jonathan M Glass (74), David JA Goldsmith (74), John Hutson (78), Sukhbinder Minhas (76), Louise A Moore (62, 65–67, 70, 72), Timothy AJ Mould (77), Pranav P Pandya (77), Raj Prasad (68)
Reviewers: Giles Toogood (chapter 68)

60 Abdomen and pelvis: overview and surface anatomy
61 Anterior abdominal wall
62 Posterior abdominal wall and retroperitoneum
63 True pelvis, pelvic floor and perineum
64 Peritoneum and peritoneal cavity

Gastrointestinal tract

65 Abdominal oesophagus and stomach
66 Small intestine 
67 Large intestine 

Abdominal viscera

68 Liver
69 Gallbladder and biliary tree
70 Pancreas
71 Spleen
72 Suprarenal (adrenal) gland

Development of the peritoneal cavity, gastrointestinal tract and its adnexae

73 Development of the peritoneal cavity, gastrointestinal tract and its adnexae

Urogenital system

74 Kidney and ureter 
75 Bladder, prostate and urethra 
76 Male reproductive system
77 Female reproductive system 
78 Development of the urogenital system


Section Editor: Vishy Mahadevan

Embryology, Growth and Development Editor: Patricia Collins

With specialist contributions by Andrew Amis (chapters 81, 82), Anthony Bull (81, 82), Chinmay M Gupte (81, 82) Niri S Niranjan (79, 80, 83, 84)
Reviewers: Andrew Amis (chapter 84), Anthony Bull (84), Chinmay M Gupte (84), Cheryll Tickle (85)

79 Pelvis girdle and lower limb: overview and surface anatomy
80 Pelvic girdle, gluteal region and thigh 
81 Hip
82 Knee
83 Leg
84 Ankle and foot
85 Development of the pelvic girdle and lower limb


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