"A good review for a working technologist as well as introducing me to new material."
Cindy Martindale, RDMS, RVT

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Workbook for Textbook of Diagnostic Sonography

7th Edition

Workbook for Textbook of Diagnostic Sonography

Sandra L. Hagen-Ansert, BA, RDMS, RDCS, FASE, FSDMS
ISBN: 9780323073004
Format: Softcover
Catalog No: 18009
Price: $79.95
The perfect chapter-by-chapter learning companion to Textbook of Diagnostic Sonography, 7th Edition, this workbook makes it easy to review key sonography concepts and reinforce your understanding of general/abdominal sonography, obstetric/gynecologic sonography, vascular sonography, and echocardiography. A wide variety of activities, review questions, and case studies strengthen your critical thinking skills and help you learn how to successfully apply your knowledge to practice. Studying to sit for the ARDMS exams in abdomen (RDMS), ob/gyn (RDMS), vascular (RVT), or adult echo (RDCS)? Use this review text with our mock exams in book or CD format.
Key Features
Review questions presented in a variety of formats—short answers,
     multiple-choice, matching, fill-in-the-blank, and labeling—assess
     learning at various levels.

Review of key terms and pathology helps you reinforce your
     understanding of essential information.

Anatomy labeling activities test your ability to identify anatomic
     structures in sonographic images.

Image analysis exercises familiarize you with conditions you may
     encounter in the clinical setting.
New to This Edition
New chapters reinforce your understanding of the latest clinically
     relevant content in the areas of:

     •   Essentials of Patient Care for the Sonographer
     •   Artifacts in Image Acquisition
     •   Understanding Other Imaging Modalities
     •   Ergonomics and Musculoskeletal Issues in Sonography
     •   3D and 4D Evaluation of Fetal Anomalies

Case reviews with accompanying images challenge you to apply
     your knowledge to real-world clinical situations.

Updated scans and content reflect important changes in urinary,
     liver, musculoskeletal, breast, cerebrovascular, gynecological, and
     obstetric sonography.

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Volume 1
Part I
  Foundations of Sonography
  Foundations of Sonography
  Introduction to Physical Findings, Physiology, and Laboratory Data
  Essentials of Patient Care for the Sonographer
  Ergonomics and Musculoskeletal Issues in Sonography
  Understanding Other Imaging Modalities
  Artifacts in Scanning
Part II  Abdomen
  Anatomic and Physiologic Relationships Within the Abdominal Cavity
  Introduction to Abdominal Scanning: Techniques and Protocols
  The Vascular System
  The Liver
  The Gallbladder and the Biliary System
  The Pancreas
  The Gastrointestinal Tract
  The Urinary System
  The Spleen
  The Retroperitoneum
  The Peritoneal Cavity and Abdominal Wall
  Abdominal Applications of Ultrasound Contrast Agents
  Ultrasound-Guided Interventional Techniques
  Emergent Abdominal Ultrasound Procedures
Part III  Superficial Structures
  The Breast
  The Thyroid and Parathyroid Glands
  The Scrotum
  The Musculoskeletal System
Part IV  Neonatal and Pediatrics
  Neonatal Echoencephalography
  The Pediatric Abdomen: Jaundice and Common Surgical Conditions
  The Neonatal and Pediatric Kidneys and Adrenal Glands
  The Neonatal and Pediatric Pelvis
  The Neonatal Hip
  The Neonatal Spine

Volume 2
Part V  The Thoracic Cavity
  Anatomic and Physiologic Relationships Within the Thoracic Cavity
  Introduction to Echocardiographic Evaluation and Technique
  Fetal Echocardiography: Beyond the Four Chambers
  Fetal Echocardiography: Congenital Heart Disease
Part VI  Cerebrovascular
  Extracranial Cerebrovascular Evaluation
  Intracranial Cerebrovascular Evaluation
  Peripheral Arterial Evaluation
  Peripheral Venous Evaluation
Part VII  Gynecology
  Normal Anatomy and Physiology of the Female Pelvis
  The Sonographic and Doppler Evaluation of the Female Pelvis
  Pathology of the Uterus
  Pathology of the Ovaries
  Pathology of the Adnexa
  The Role of Ultrasound in Evaluating Female Infertility
Part VIII Obstetrics
  The Role of Sonography in Obstetrics
  Clinical Ethics for Obstetric Sonography
  The Normal First Trimester
  First Trimester Complications
  Sonography of the Second and Third Trimesters
  Obstetric Measurements and Gestational Age
  Fetal Growth Assessment by Sonography
  Sonography and High-Risk Pregnancy
  Prenatal Diagnosis of Congenital Anomalies
  3D and 4D Evaluation of Fetal Anomalies
  The Placenta
  The Umbilical Cord
  Amniotic Fluid, Fetal Membranes, and Fetal Hydrops
  The Fetal Face and Neck
  The Fetal Neural Axis
  The Fetal Thorax
  The Fetal Anterior Abdominal Wall
  The Fetal Abdomen
  The Fetal Urogenital System
  The Fetal Skeleton
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