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Ob/Gyn Sonography
An Illustrated Review
2nd Edition
Readers' Comments
"This book is so detailed. I love the illustrations. Great reference book!"—Nancy Ward, RDMS

"I appreciate how easy it is to use the index at the back of the book—very user friendly!"—Kimberly Watkins

"Well written, good images—a great reference book to keep."—Nelia Sering, RDMS

"I would recommend this book to any sonographer studying for their ARDMS exam. I used only the Davies Ob/Gyn ARDMS test preparation book to study for my exam and I felt completely prepared going into the exam. I passed with an excellent score with plenty of time left at the end of the exam."—Noelle Young, RDMS

"Amazing book—a must have! Thank for Mr. Jim Baun for this wonderful book!"
—Hasmik Mousheghian, RDMS, RVT

"It covered what I use daily as a sonographer and took basic knowledge 20 steps further. I have used this book repeatedly in my practice."—Barbara Fennen, RDMS, RVT

"The book has great images and a well-organized outline."—Nora Ruiz Londono, RDMS

“This book is the best ever! I’ve been doing ultrasound for 36 years and I always use Davies’ books to get my CMEs. These forced CMEs are the best way to stay informed. I use this as a reference book at my workplace and have recommended it to others as a great reference. Thank you!”—Carla LaBarbera, RDMS

"Well written, easy to follow, and a great value!"—Michael Richards, RDMS, RVT

"Concise, streamlined, easy to understand."—Chunghon Yang, RDMS

"I loved the amount of information and the pictures—in fact, I can’t think of anything I didn’t like!"—Ashley Taylor, RDCS, RVT

"Detailed without an overload of information."—Maureen Pullen, RDMS

"Comprehensive and well organized."—Terri Bueno, RDMS

"Updated information and excellent illustrations."—Oscar Caldera, RDMS

"Easy to interpret, with great illustrations."—Dawn Gregory Ho, RDMS

"Informative, clear illustrations."—Lisa Ware, RDMS

"Reviewed everything I needed to know."—Nancy Pasterchalk, RDMS, RVT

"Straightforward, easy to understand."—Adrianna Thind-Rodriguez, RDMS

"Excellent book! Good to keep at your job as a reference."—Lisa Ware, RDMS

"Easy to understand."—Megan Hughes, RT(R)(S)(CT)

"A very good source for clinical use and the layout makes it easy to look up different subjects."—Jennifer Gordon, RT(R)(M), RDMS, RVT

"This book (as well as many others from Davies Publishing) offers an excellent source of learning material. Its contents are explicit. Any teacher, sonographer, or student will be able to use it and benefit from it. Keep up the good work!!"—Vivian Concepcion, RDMS

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