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Vascular Technology
An Illustrated Review
5th Edition
Readers' Comments
“There is a lot of new information in this edition that furthered my knowledge. This course makes you study, and learn. The information stays with you since you have to dig through the material to answer the questions. Good job! These people know what they are doing. Great teachers!”—Timothy Havens, RDMS, RVT, RT(R)(ARRT)

“The way the chapters are laid out and the index are both very helpful.”—Ingrid St. Paul, RDCS, RVT

“Very informative, and a good refresher for someone who has been in the field for a long time.”—Kevin Spitman, RVT

“Great book for learning about vascular studies, and loved the 15 CME credits!”
—Debra Stuckwisch, RDMS, RT(R)(CT)(ARRT)

“Great content, great color illustrations. Overall, this book is a great investment in my vascular career. It contains a vast amount of material which can also be used to improve day-to-day operations at any vascular lab.”
—Jose Rincon, RDCS, RVT

“Information is perfectly outlined.”—Bahaa Karahtahan, RDMS

“Good quality ultrasound images.”—Allison Bernard, RDMS, RDCS, RVT, RT(R)(ARRT)

“Concise and well written. Excellent resource! Highly recommended!”—Vincenzo Giuliano, RDMS, RVT, RPVI

“I’ve been an RVT using Davies materials since 1990, and the materials have always been excellent.”—Margie Fritze, RVT

“As a beginning student the case studies and the images were great. Now, I love being able to use this activity for ICAVL specific CMEs.”—Kimberly Chaves, BS, RDMS, RDCS, RVT, RT(R)(ARRT)

“Easy to read and a great clinical resource.”—Pamela Nowak, RDMS, RDCS, RVT

“Comprehensive coverage of vascular technology. For CME credits and reference materials, Davies is the absolute BEST!!!”—John R. Mullenix, AD, RT(R)(ARRT)

“Comprehensive as well as being concise. Excellent reference for a lab.”—Robin Nowicki, RDMS, RDCS, RVT

“Perfect for studying for the registry exam.”—Jessica DeHond, RVT

“As a student, I really like the images and the anatomical schematics. As a technologist, I love the CMEs offered!”—Ashley Audette, RCS, RVS

“I liked everything about this book from beginning to end. The books and study materials from Davies Publishing are awesome and very helpful!”—Bahodir Saidov, RVT, RPVI

“Well organized and thorough. The topics are geared toward the registry.”—Ann Eckert, RDMS, RVT

“Contains excellent information. I like the bulleted points, the important boxed elements, and the overall format.”—Beverly Williamson, RCS, RVS

“Covered pretty much everything I needed to know to learn vascular ultrasound and pass the registry on the first attempt."—Brooke Salpino, RDMS, RDCS, RVT

“Well written and easy to understand. Love this book! Excellent resource even for experienced RVTs.”—Milisa Journet, RDMS, RVT, RT(S)(ARRT), RVS

“The organization of the chapters is excellent—finding what I need is pretty easy. Great index.”—Erica Lewis Dekorte, RDCS, RVT

“This book is a great help for registry exam preparation.”—Koryun Ghazaryan, RDMS, RDCS, RVT

“I like how things are organized. It is very easy to follow and understand."—Damon Lungo, RDCS, RCS, RVS

“This book gives a better understanding of the vascular system than other references.”—Sabrina Barrilleaux, RDMS, RVT

“The book is very thorough. I like how the sections for Arterial, Cerebral, and Venous are arranged. I haven’t taken a board exam in 12+ years but feel confident after studying this text.”—Deborah Hammacher, RDMS, RT(R)(ARRT)

“This book is a solid vascular technology core. Very straight-forward layout. Information provided is pertinent (doesn't go into too much or unnecessary detail). I highly recommend it for anyone wanting to sharpen their knowledge and skills in vascular technology!”—Jessica Bates, RDMS, RVT, RT(R)(ARRT)

“This book has everything you need to pass the exam. Love it!”—Natalia Zhukava, RDMS, RVT

“I like the way it lists the main points at the beginning of every chapter and then breaks them down for better understanding.”—Limaris Requejo, RDMS

“Excellent RVT prep and CME credits!”—Lisa Lucente, RDMS, RDCS, RVT

“Content is very well explained and easy to understand.”—Patricia Mancuso, RDMS, RVT, RT(R)(ARRT)

“The 3-Step system is excellent for prepping for the registry exam. I took the RVT exam shortly after graduating with minimal experience and I passed the first time! (The flashcards were the most helpful.) Plus, it has CMEs! An added bonus!”
—Jennifer Pizzo, RDCS, RVT, RCS

“Great resource material. The depth of information is just right.”—Christopher Boldman, RDMS, RVT, RT(R)(ARRT)

“Worth every penny!”—Michele O’Brien, RDMS, RVS

“I like the easy to read “bullet” notations. Great diagrams and images as well.”
—Patricia Gurysh, BS, RDMS, RVT

“One of the best vascular registry review books around.”—David Ward, RVS

“Very easy to understand with clear illustrations. Contains relevant information for use in clinical settings.”—Bernard Chung, RDMS, RDCS

“This book is very user-friendly and easy to understand.”—Brittany Steele, BS, RVT

“Lots of images, easy to follow, and the case studies are great.”—Jeffrey
Steinig, MD

“Explanations are good and the material is broken down into manageable sections.”—Melanie Kouri, RDMS, RDCS

“Davies Publishing reviews and study aids are excellent.”—Lancelot Walker, MS, RDMS, RVT, RVS

“I felt this book completely prepared me for the vascular exam.”—Rachel Walsh, RDMS, RT(R)(ARRT)

“Very helpful in understanding the vascular system of the human body.”—Sonia Hernandez, RDMS

“Helps make difficult subject matter more understandable.”—Stacie Stevens Anderson, RDMS

“Great book. Thank you for the great study material.”—Stacey Baldry, RDMS, RVT

“Easy to follow. Davies always provides excellent CME activities and customer service."—Erin McKnabb, RVT
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