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Ob/Gyn Sonography Interactive Mock Exam (CD-ROM)
An Interactive Q&A Review for the ARDMS Specialty Exam
2nd Edition
Version 4.1 CD-ROM

All New 2nd Edition!
Readers' Comments
"Easy to use and very helpful in preparing for the registry exam. I loved the added opportunity to earn 15 CME credits!"—Larisa Ispas, RDMS

"I found this material to be extremely helpful. I haven’t been in school for a few years, and it was a nice refresher. I was able to choose sections to study and could make my own custom tests based on what I really needed to focus on. I also like that it had an option to earn CME credits that was super affordable!"
—Jennifer Gray, RDMS

"The image library contains high-quality images—making learning easier."
—Jinyang Huang, RDMS

"Practicing with the timer in Test Mode helped me to know how to pace myself for the registry exam."—Marie Presmy, RDMS

"Easy to use and contains great info."—Emlie Henderson, RDMS

"Great activity as a refresher in Ob/Gyn and, as a bonus, CMEs! It is a very comprehensive program and I enjoyed the material."—Lakhwinder Dhillon, RDMS

"Great interactive study guide."—Paula Prem, RDMS, RDCS, RVT

"The explanations for the answers are a big help."—Brenna Doty, RDMS

"Keep it up! You guys are the best in the business. Thanks."—Danny Woodring, RDMS, RDCS, RVT

"Very comprehensive program."—Sahar Motabar, RDMS, RVT

"This CD-ROM mock exam is very user-friendly and it makes studying easy."
—Stephanie Merrell, RDMS, RDCS, RVT

"I liked that I could review missed test questions along with the explanations."
—Angel Botello, RDMS, RVT

"The Study Mode contains excellent explanations for the answers. Excellent source to prepare for the registry exam."—Natalie Kalantaryan, RDMS

"Easy to use, good number of questions, and covers all areas of the exam. Thank you for this great effort!"—Akram Adel Hafez Bishara, RDMS, CSDMS

"I read the Davies Ob/Gyn Sonography: An Illustrated Review, and the Ob/Gyn Sonography Review books. Then I used the Davies Ob/Gyn Sonography CD-ROM Mock Exam to test myself. (I like the CD because it simulates the actual exam.) All three products really helped."—Marie Louise Van Fossen, RDMS

"The Study and Learn Mode contains explanations that are very helpful."—Leidy Tavarez, RDMS

"I like how easy the mock exam is to use, and the quality of the images is just great."—Jennie Melissa Smith, RDMS

"There are plenty of questions in each category so, by the end of the course, the material was understood completely."—Sandi Flynn, RDMS

"The Ob/Gyn CD-ROM Mock Exam made taking the real exam much easier—like a breeze. It lowers your anxiety level and builds confidence in your ability. I went to the test knowing I would pass. A very effective way of studying. No stress! Lots of fun!"—Alexander Karanany, RDMS, RVT, RMSKS

"Excellent Ob/Gyn review! It is thorough, educational, and very informative. It reinforces what I've already learned. Davies also has a very helpful staff. Thanks!"—Faye Difuntorum, RDMS

"I love your books for quick and easy reference. This CD actually made studying enjoyable!"—Jean Wilson, RDMS, RVT

"I have no doubt in my mind that the Davies review books and CDs are the reason I passed the registry exams on my first try. I am very grateful that these study guides exist. They take away some of the anxiety in taking the exam. I can’t thank Davies enough for preparing me for one of the biggest challenges of my academic career."—Tammy Bardwell, RDMS

"I thoroughly enjoyed the Ob/Gyn interactive review from Davies!"—Allyson McGuire, RDMS

"I thought the Ob/Gyn CD was a great way to prepare for the registry exam."
—Tracy Lynn Counts, RDMS

"While in the Test Mode, the Ob/Gyn CD gives feedback on your answers once you’ve finished the test. I like that."—Adama Sow-Connors, RDMS

"Precise and just what you need to prepare for the registry."—Lynn Manfredo, RDMS

"Explanations for the answers immediately display upon selecting an answer."
—Susan Jensen, RT(R)(ARRT)

"Explains the answers, whether you choose the right one or the wrong one."
—Denise K. Mercer, RDMS, RVT

"It’s a lot like the real exam, and it shows you which areas you need improvement in."—Christy M. Laughman, RDMS

"An excellent review, and great for CME credits!"—Geraldine Eppolito, RDMS

"Your product has made me a better sonographer!"—Daniel L. Lucas, RDMS

"I would recommend, and have recommended, Davies products to several friends. I’ve purchased the mock exams for Ob/Gyn, Physics, and Abdomen. They are wonderful! I used the Ob/Gyn and Physics programs to study for the registry exam and I passed the first time around! I am currently studying to take the Abdomen exam."—Karena Wallace, RDMS

"The Ob/Gyn mock exam is a very detailed program with well thought out questions. It is an excellent learning tool and study guide."—Dana Demasi, RDMS, RVT

"Detailed explanations to the answers are provided for many of the questions. I also like the fact that there are images included. The Ob/Gyn mock exam definitely increased my knowledge and helped me to pass the exam. A ‘must-have’ not only for preparing for the ARDMS exam but for use as a clinical reference."—Cysandra Goins, RDMS, RT(S)(BS)(ARRT)

"This CD is an easy, practical, and quick way to learn. I enjoyed using my computer rather than a book! It relieved a tremendous amount of stress and pressure when it came time to sit for the exam. Thank you!"—Eliana Parker, RDMS

"The fact that it is on a computer makes it similar to the registry exam. The layout is also similar, and that helps as well, in preparation for the actual exam."
—Annemarie Elmquist, RDMS, RT(R)(M)(ARRT)

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