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Introduction to Vascular Scanning
A Guide for the Complete Beginner
4th Edition
Readers' Comments
“Well organized, good illustrations and pictures. It gives real world obstacles. The occasional humor helps!”—Grace Chandler, RVS, RCS, LPN

“Up-to-date! Excellent guide, textbook, and reference! Written in a manner that makes it easy to understand and remember; makes it fun to learn. A must investment for anyone interested in vascular sonography.”—Tatiana Shamrow, RDMS, RVT

“Even after more than ten years scanning, I had a much better understanding of the material after using this book—and actually learned more than I did in school! LOVED the cross-sectional vascular images!”—Lynda Hart, RDMS, RVT

“The discussions of the hands-on scanning techniques was what I liked best about this book. Most physician-based RPVI-type texts skip this.”—Matthew George, MD

“This book helped deepen my overall understanding of vascular ultrasound—not just how to perform scans but also why.”—Rebecca Benezue, RDMS

“I loved the way this book was broken down into sections and impressed by the level of detail. This is a great study guide!”—Corina Solis, RDMS

“Ridgway is a leader in the field. I especially appreciate his ability to convey ultrasound processes in layman’s terms.”—Heather Humphrey, RVS

“The presentation and content make it excellent for anyone who is cross-training from another modality.”—Tonya Renee’ Rolland, RDCS

“I appreciate having the images and illustrations on the same page where they are discussed in the text!”—Jeffrey Boock, RDMS

“I like how Mr. Ridgway goes into great detail on how a sonographer should correctly scan.”—Monica Rodriguez, RDMS

“Explains everything you need to know in great detail. Great study material, great questions!”—Tara DeVitto, RDMS

“Uncle Don is awesome! He makes it an easy read.”—Carol Blackwell, RDCS, RVT, RDMS

“The material is presented by an obviously experienced, hands-on expert!”
—Judith Shepard, RDMS, RVT, RDCS

“Easier to understand than most other textbooks.”—Nadeshda Tigreros, RDMS

“I liked how the author brings the reader through very heavy material in the easiest way possible. His use of analogies and in-depth explanations helped me to understand the material and the scanning techniques. His ability to help the reader utilize proper technique was extremely impressive. I found the explanations easy to understand and visualize.”—Cathleen Gutierrez, RDMS

“Using Davies’ Introduction to Vascular Scanning, I passed the vascular CCI exam on my first attempt.”—Kelly Houghland-Davis, RT(R)(M), RVS, RCS

“Great reminders about ergonomics and ways to obtain abdominal views! I wish this book had been around when I was first taking the registry exam.”—Erica Dekorte, RVT, RDCS

“This is an awesome book. The material is presented in a very informative way. It didn’t just meet my expectations, it surpassed them!”—Ignacio Lorenzo, RDMS, RT(R)(CT)(MR)(ARRT)

“The information in this book contains everything a new vascular sonographer needs to begin building a successful career, as well as a great reference tool for years to come.”—Brandy Marie Webster, RVT, LPN

“The tone of the author is pleasant, engaging, helpful, and humorous. Full of great information!”—Elizabeth Murphy, RVT

“This book is an excellent review! After scanning for more than 20 years I found it to be an excellent refresher.”—Dixie Bowersox, RVT, RDCS

“Good coverage of the scope of vascular imaging. Very engaging text and I enjoyed reading it. Can’t beat the CMEs!”—Nancy Johnson, RDMS, RVT

“I liked the concise manner in which the information was presented and the sense of humor!”—Michael Gonevski, RDMS

“The thorough explanations were helpful for even an experienced sonographer.”—Heather Gascon, RDMS, RDCS

“A valuable clinical resource.”—Christine Leed, RVS

“ Comprehensive with good step-by-step descriptions [of protocols] for review of all systems. Good ultrasound images and illustrations.”—Edgar Corrales, RDMS

“Great job! This book provides a strong foundation [for vascular ultrasound] that anyone can benefit from. I highly recommended this book.”—Robert Darley, RVT

“I wish this book had been available 25 years ago!”—Lisa Hatten, RT(R), RDMS, RVS

“Even though I am an experienced sonographer, I picked up some good tips that I have tried and found very useful.”—Kristine Battani, RDCS, RVT

“I enjoyed the personal one-on-one instruction, and the humor! You can tell that it's written from experience. It contains vital information and excellent illustrations. This humble author has been my personal tutor, providing words of wisdom, lots of encouragement, and a great sense of humor just when I needed it most! A perfect book for the new sonographer.”—Dawn Michelle Scraper, RVT

“Love how the information is written and presented specifically at the beginner level. I used this book for reference and loved it so much I am going to start having our students purchase it for a required text. Great info! I wish I could have been Mr. Ridgway’s student. I felt as if he were speaking to me as I read the text.”
—Michele Spates, RDMS, RVT, RT(R)(ARRT)

“This textbook is easy to read. It has the best of both worlds in explanation and demonstration. I was very excited to read it, and I continue to refer to it on a regular basis. It is a breath of fresh air to read text from someone whose expertise is in vascular scanning. Thank you! I wish I had had this book in school!”
—Jessica Smith, RDMS, RDCS

“Most comprehensive and simplified vascular scanning resource on the market!”—Dwight Austin, RVS, RCS

“This book is a great go to book for quick referencing.”—Kelly Henry, RDCS, RVT

“Clean basic instructions for manipulating the probe and understanding color flow angles.”—Ruth Davis-Zale, RVT

“A practical guide and a useful book for beginners. Nice text format and pictures. Contains a lot of useful information.”—Yunlu Wang Cao, RDMS, RVT

“ The book provided me with a solid understanding of vascular scanning. The content is narrated in a way that is very easy to follow and understand. The helpful graphic aids are also very effective.”—George Lomidze

“Easy to read and understand. I used the previous edition of this book several years ago when I was learning to scan. It is a good learning tool for basic scanning techniques.”—Aimee Rawlings, RVT

“Very easy to read with easy protocols to follow.”—Jennifer Anderson, RVT

“Very concise, easily understood, and a great reference guide. This would also be a reliable tool for vascular education.”—Cathy Cole Pyzik, RDCS, RVT

“This book provided encouragement by acknowledging that learning to scan vascular can be challenging and difficult—“Don’t forget to breathe”—it just takes time and practice.”—Carolyn Thummel Simmons, RDMS

“This is the best book I’ve found that covers vascular. Absolutely fabulous! Thank you, Don Ridgway, and thanks to Davies Publishing for making this book possible.”—Joseph William Stayerman

“This book will not disappoint! A true guide to vascular ultrasound for the beginner.”—Lori Burhoe Naremore, RDMS

“It’s not only about one thing (like anatomy) but a comprehensive study on vascular technology.”—Andrea Majoros Trask, RDCS, RVT

“I felt Don Ridgway presented this book as though there were someone right there with you guiding you through. There was a sense of humor, but also sympathy for the stress a beginner goes through—flop sweats! It was a very encouraging book!!”—Robin Podmayersky, RDMS

“Everything is presented in a manner that is easy to understand. The images are great! Love the humor!”—Connie Valdivia, RDMS

“It’s not complicated, it’s to the point and very easy to understand no matter what your background.”—Dalal Bannoura, RDMS, RVT

“I read, I laughed, I learned!”—Carla Zavala-Greathouse, RDCS, RVT
“The content is very helpful and detailed. Good, clear illustrations. A great book for a beginner; makes you feel like you have an instructor with you guiding you through every step of scanning.”—Feixue Yang, RDMS, RVT

“It was easy to read. It didn’t lose me half way through a paragraph and I didn’t have to re-read pages over and over to understand the content. I appreciate the book more now, after many years of scanning, than I did when I first bought it. The book is written for working sonographers and is a great reference. When I first started doing vascular, the cross-sectional illustrations saved me more than once.”—Kimberly Holman, BS, MA, RDMS

Introduction to Vascular Scanning is a well-written and informative book that contains a vast amount of information, exercises, and illustrations for a beginning or practicing sonographer.”—Julie Wyatt, AA, BS, RDMS, RVT

“I had Ridgway as an instructor at CECC. I can hear him as I read this book. He’s a good guy and a pretty darn good instructor!”—Kim McCandless, RVT

Introduction to Vascular Scanning is excellent as a reference guide, a practical scanning guide, and a source for earning CME credits—all in one book!”
—Theresa Yinger, RDMS, RVT

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