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Your Colleagues Recommend Davies

Danny Woodring, RDMS, RDCS, RVT

I am a long-time customer and love the new website! It's nice to be able to see everything online and order quickly. This is ironic, though, because your telephone staff are so incredible. I once had a Davies employee read through the catalog aloud for me as I drove a long distance to work. She read until I heard what I wanted and was ready to order; she never once tried to rush me!

On another occasion, I called for permission to use some copyrighted material in a protocol. The person I was talking to said, "I am not sure, let me get Mr. Davies for you." I was nervous. Sure enough, Mike Davies got on the line and very kindly helped me.

I have had no poor experiences with Davies Publishing in 15 years of purchasing; I cannot say that about any other business I have had experiences with.

Thanks again for the exceptional products and service over the years. I am blown away by how responsive and amiable Davies Publishing is. I tell all the sonographers I know.

Germain Bergeron

You are so helpful. A lot of people told me about your company and they are right: You are amazing!

Brandi Merrill, BS, RT(R), RDMS, RVT, Program Director, Baptist Medical Center South, School of Diagnostic Ultrasound, Montgomery, Alabama

I want to commend you on your astounding selection of ultrasound material. I placed a rather large order for my program a few months ago and have been very pleased.

Sandra M. Smith, RDMS, RT

What a great way to get CME credit!

Michelle Blakemore, RT(R)(M), CNMT, RDMS, RDCS

I have purchased several textbooks and registry reviews from Davies, and all of them have been extremely helpful. I have passed two registry exams with your material. I will continue to use your materials for CMEs.

M Heneghan, RDMS, RVT

I re-ordered today and thank your representative for calling me. Your company employs an excellent professional service staff.

Elie Aboulafia, MD

Excellent—even for physicians who think they know everything.

Andrea Norred, RT, RDMS, RVS

I love Davies Publishing. I use you for all my book needs. The staff is always very helpful. The reason I passed the tests is because of Davies. You helped me pass my exams and now you keep me current.

Kristyn Sees, RDMS

Thank you, Davies, for making CMEs easy to acquire without spending a fortune.

Laurie Hokanson, RVT

The Davies educational CDs are awesome because they show me which exam topics I'm prepared for and which I need to work on, automatically. And then I can use them to study those topics. I've used all of the products out there, and Davies is the only one who connects the dots. Anyone who doesn't use these is crazy.

Samuel Musoke, RVT, RDCS, RVS, RCS

This is the most inexpensive way to get your CMEs.

Alex Fernandez, RDMS

I felt I must compliment your organization on the wonderful service you provided me with my order. I called on a Friday evening and actually spoke with someone. He was unable to find my order at first and so I was concerned. As it turned out, the order had been filled, dispatched, and had arrived at my home earlier in the day. Thank you very much!

Mary Scarboro, RDMS

Thanks for taking the time to talk to me. You are so helpful. It's very refreshing.

Susan Smith, RDMS, RVT

You guys make it so easy to earn CME credit. I've done a lot of research and Davies is the most convenient and least expensive. I've also used your reviews for registry prep. They are by far the most comprehensive and effective.

Janta Bhojwani, RDCS

Thanks, Davies. I wouldn't have been able to pass the registry without your help.

Melissa Rutherford

I can't thank you enough for your prompt attention and, even more than that, how friendly Mike Davies is. I really appreciate how easy this was.

Samuel Maynard, RT(R), RDMS, RDCS, Clinical Instructor, Diagnostic Sonography Education, United Hospital Center, Clarksburg, West Virginia

Our sonography students have enjoyed the benefits of your educational CD-ROM programs, particularly the test and learn system for abdomen, ob/gyn, physics, and vascular. The information that is reinforced has expedited their learning curve and enhanced their perspective and confidence in ultrasound board exam preparation. The Davies programs have been instrumental in student retention and recall in all areas.

Doug Jones, BA, RDMS, RDCS, RVT, RCT

Boy, that was fast. It's nice to deal with a company that's responsive. Believe me, plenty aren't. Keep up the good work.

Natalie Kinney

You guys are absolutely fantastic. You are so nice.

Terri Nath, RDMS, RVT

I love all of your study materials. They have been 'bibles' to me and have helped me pass five board exams. Your material is so thorough, yet easy to understand. Thank you so much!

Karen Koehler, RDMS

I'm a true believer! Your reviews are excellent. I felt totally confident.

Olena Popova, RDMS

I used the Davies reviews for my previous exams—abdomen, ob/gyn, and physics. These books were one of my primary references. I was well prepared and passed all the tests the first time. I bought all the books that Davies publishes for preparation for my vascular license. I hope I will be successful!

George Patages, RDCS

The review seminar I took just confused me. It was too much, too fast. It didn't help me pass. You did.

Danny A. Woodring, RDMS, RDCS, RVT

I have always enjoyed doing business with Davies Publishing. A real pleasure. The staff is excellent—very helpful and nice! I must say that I am still taken aback by how friendly the people there are.

Chastity Case, RT(R), RDMS, RVT

Davies' material is an excellent resource for registry review. As an instructor of an accredited program, I implement all the Davies' material that is published.

Ann Peters, RDMS

Recently I called you about CME credits that I hadn't received yet, and you very quickly got the info to me. I really appreciate your efficiency and kindness in taking care of the matter.

Natalie Rose Benningfield, RVT

Thank you so very much for providing such high-quality materials. I've been a part of the ultrasound technology field for 25 years, and it's such a pleasure to see how far we've come in terms of helping each other out as a community!

Shelia Miller, RT(R)(S)

I passed the abdominal registry test . . . due to your assistance and great educational CDs and books. Keep up the fantastic student support and dedicated computer assistance!

Melissa Godwin, RDMS

I turn to Davies first because they haven't failed me yet!

Melissa Godwin, RDMS

I couldn't have done it without Davies. I could learn at my own speed.

Yong Ming Xian, RVT, RDMS

Your material is so good—simple and to the point, just what I needed. In five weeks I took five exams and passed them all. I got a job right away. I feel just great. So now I'm calling to order your review for a friend . . .

Grace Ramon, RDMS

Davies helped me prepare for—and pass—my Ob/Gyn registry exam!

Jean Wilson, RDMS

You saved my life. Now that I've met my CME requirements I can calm down. My husband will be so happy. And your books are just great. They helped me pass my exams.

Lisa Mahaffey, RVT

Yes! I passed the vascular exam. The study materials from Davies were a tremendous help. Then I passed the physics exam three months later. The Davies reviews were the main study books I used. I highly recommend them. They are excellent and valuable study tools for anyone interested in passing these tough exams the first time around.

Dale R. Roach, RDMS, RVT

Since purchasing the Vascular Technology CD-ROM for me, and the Ultrasound Physics CD-ROM for my wife, we have both passed our respective exams! I am now an RDMS and an RVT. My wife Karin is now an RDCS. With the help of your study materials, we both passed the first time! If I ever need to take another exam in the future, I will make it a point to call on you folks again. Thanks for everything!

Elizabeth A. Burks

Davies has put my mind at ease as I prepare for my registry exams. All types of books are available through Davies at very affordable prices, and the service is excellent. I recommend Davies, especially for ease of CME.

Lori Loney, MA, RDCS, RVT

I like Davies materials because they are always clear and logical and don't make me more confused than I was before.

Jeri Moser, RT

I love your mock exams. They are full of questions that make you apply your knowledge to different situations and circumstances. I have a lot of other books with questions, but the Davies mock exams are much better. And I learned a serious lesson when I took my physics exam and failed by only 3 points: It's not enough to study only the textbooks. You have to be able to apply your facts, not just know them. That's what your mock exams give me.

Siranuysh Salmastyan, RDMS, RDCS, RVT

Thank you very much for all of the books I have ordered from you. They helped me so much, and you are so nice and helpful. You are amazing, Davies. I really appreciate your work and good study references.

Paul Collins, RDMS, RVT

I always use Davies books—and I always pass.

Antonia Tidwell, RDMS, RVT, RT(R)

I love your products . . . Thanks for all you do.

Nina Noyek, RDCS

I went to ESP two years and didn't pass. Then I got your book and passed 97%! I'm very happy.

Georgia Cole

Everyone I know says use Davies if you want pass.

Holly Howell, RDMS

(Davies is) well worth the money. I would rather spend the money on the (Davies) review books than a review course.

Roberta Bolos, RDMS

The CDs are good learning tools and confidence builders.

Cherri Scott, RVT

The CDs helped me work on avenues I don't do at work. It was a big lifesaver.

Magda Abdou, RVT

I passed my vascular technology board exam with a very high score—659 from a maximum score of 700. I depend on Davies' vascular technology review books and mock exams. Keep going in your great work!

Bonita Maloy, RT, RDMS, RVT

Thank you so much. You will be my go to for CME from now on!

Christina Greschler, RDMS

Through this letter I would like to express my satisfaction with the purchase of your products offered to ultrasound professionals. This however would not be as pleasurable if I had not encountered the positive attitude and enthusiasm of Mr. Danny Liota, a representative of your company.

On a couple of occasions, I needed the expertise of customer service with regard to product knowledge and installation and Mr. Liota was very knowledgeable, patient, and kind. I would like to commend him for his genuineness and excellent service.

Your products speak for themselves and I am indeed thankful for them. Therefore, let me close by stating that I will recommend others to you because of the exceptional live representive service you offer through Mr. Liota.

Cynthia Laub, RDMS, RVT, RDCS

Thank you so so so much. I would have had to take all of my exams again if you hadn't been there for me.

Donna Olenik, RDMS

Janet Heard was wonderful! She helped me get my CME application downloaded from an otherwise toasted computer tower. She is a keeper!

Rosenie Ridore, RDMS, RVT

Your mock exams have been a tremendous help in achieving my goal to become a registered sonographer in two specialties. I strongly recommend to others that they use the Davies mock exams. The questions on the mock exams are all basically the same as those on the registry exams, just worded differently. They're great! I passed Ultrasound Physics and Vascular Technology.

Jim Hull, BS, RVT

I feel that I owe my success to the question format of the study material obtained from Davies Publishing. I encourage anyone who is preparing for their ultrasound exams to consider Davies.

Becky Stevens, Bowling Green Technical Community College

My students use the Davies CD-ROM Mock Exams for sonography. The students have expressed that the test questions give a good overall review. I feel it is very beneficial for students to evaluate themselves utilizing non-program material.

Wendy Okray, RDMS

I needed hardcore questions that were close to the exam—and that's what the Davies CD delivered. I nailed it!

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